Why I started Dr. Kruse Housecalls

I have always been interested in how the human body works and what it takes to be healthy.  From birth, I have lived a chiropractic lifestyle.  My father is a chiropractic physician and we lived a life full of regular chiropractic care, proper diet and adequate sleep.  He taught us how the body is more powerful than what people give it credit for.  Our bodies are made to adapt to our surroundings and fight off sickness and disease on its own.  When nervous system interferences occur disrupting this ability, pain, sickness and ill-health can occur.

In my pursuits for a career, chiropractic and healthcare was at the top of the list.  One slight detour led me to serve my country in the US Navy as a hospital corpsman (medic).  Serving Marines and Sailors in their healthcare was one of the most fulfilling chapters of my life.  I loved treating Marines and Sailors in their environment.  Whether bandaging up a hand sitting next to a Howitzer, applying stiches to someone’s head in a ship’s berthing space, to stopping a bleeding gunshot wound in a ditch in Iraq.  Even then, after countless treatments, visits, screenings, I could see a flaw and missing element in the conventional healthcare system.  This system was very symptom based.  Cover symptoms with medications.  Wait until something happens before stepping in.  Prevention was not deemed medically necessary.  I could not understand why there wasn’t a logical view that if we worked at preventing ill-health, these men and women would be a more effective and powerful force.

Fast forward to becoming a Chiropractor.  I have practiced for 10 years in a conventional office setting.  While I was helping families get healthier and out of pain, I felt there had to be a better way to serve them.  At times, I felt as if I was going through the motions due to systems and restrictions from insurance companies.  Something had to change.  I wanted to be more effective with care and create more value with the time I had with patients.

This is where Dr. Kruse Housecalls was developed.  Typically, I would have maybe 5-10 minutes with my patients.  With housecalls, I can have 30-60 minutes dedicated to my patients.  This creates better care plans, deeper understanding, and improved utilization of time. Care is done in YOUR environment, not in an office after waiting in a reception area.  I have the ability to see how you live and operate.

My goal is for you to feel listened too, to know you had focused care, and have your needs and wants met to the fullest degree. I want to connect with my patients on a deeper level than what a conventional practice would allow.

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